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Ecological Green management


The preparation of compost is a simple process.

We collect the kitchen and garden trash in a pile in the yard. Occasionally we mix and water the pile, and the trash breaks down and turns into compost.

The required components for the preparation of compost are organic waste, carbon and nitrogen. (found in organic waste), water, air and heat.

We have everything we need we need to make compost in our homes instead of disposing trash. This is why we recommend that every building prepare its own compost on site.

Saving electricity:

Lighting in stairwells, lighting in lobbies lighting in parking garages.

If we replace all lighting sources (including fluorescents and PL) with LED lighting, we save substantial monthly costs and provide better illumination. LED lighting requires less electricity and provides better lighting.

At Green Mill, often partnered with the residents, we transfer all lighting to 24 hour LED lighting, with substantial savings of electricity costs for lighting.