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    Green Mill is a building committee company.

    Supplying management and maintenance services to building committees, shared housing, apartments, businesses and private homes.

    Green Mill (founder of Odasch company Ltd) has been dealing with the building industry for more than 20 years (since 1994).
    The company was established and is run by Mr. Ouri Schleider to this day.
    Are you seeking a building committee management company? You have reached the right place!

    Customer reviews


    There is nothing like a company that has a can-do attitude. They understand and know their job. The building is always clean and maintained. There is someone to talk to for every issue and service call. There are no costs for small issues. They give recommendation for changes to improve the building and the common areas. We feel that our concerns are their concerns. Well done. Keep it up.



    A management company that knows how to service all aspects of the building:

    Sealing, electricity, sanitation…. (beyond billing) is very helpful.

    We had a big problem with sanitation. Their professionalism, integrity and availability helped us take care of the issue. They sorted out the problem within several hours a very reasonable cost. This helped us immensely. Thank you for your service.



    We thank you for your professionalism. We were forced to switch management companies (unclean building, fees owed to the building committee…)

    “Green Mill” has undertaken all the duties and handled the transition.

    Now (six months later) we are happy with the management company Green Mill. And we highly recommend them.

    There are no fees owing, the building is clean, the parking garage is illuminated, the solar system is intact, the elevator maintained…

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